When Robert joined the program he was focused on getting through it and finding work

Robert’s roommate moved in with his girlfriend, and he couldn’t find a roommate in time to help with rent.  Like many men who come to the Mission he didn’t have family he could call.  He lost his apartment, and went to our Gateway Center.  He wasn’t there long before he met Edwin and joined the Christian Living Program.

                Living according to the Word of God has sustained him throughout his time in the Christian Living Program.  Robert has had substance abuse issues, and that is his worst vice.  It can be the difference between paying rent and finding yourself homeless.  The Christian Living Program has helped him realize the importance of the former.

                “The program has taught me discipline.  The staff are good to me, and they treat me with respect.  They build my confidence, and they helped me realize the importance of self-control.”

                Some men join the Christian Living Program with the hope of graduating and finding work as quickly as possible.  And for some this happens.  More often than not, they transition from the program to the Clean Team.   When Robert joined the program he was focused on getting through it and finding work.

Now, nine weeks later, he is thankful for the program, and he is looking forward to starting on the Clean Team next Monday.  He is motivated, and we expect him to do well on the Clean Team.  We’re also glad that he decided to stay with us because if he ever feels that he’s going to fall he has staff and fellow Clean Team members to support him.

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