James has struggled with addiction

James has struggled with addiction and chronic homelessness for several years.  Often the two go hand in hand.  His first experience with the Allentown Rescue Mission was January 2019.  He had been living in a motel, but he ran out of money and came to us.  It was a difficult adjustment, and he wasn’t sure he would be able to make it.

When he arrived at the Gateway shelter he was given his bunk, a locker, access to showers, and a meal schedule.  He was interested in the Christian Living Program, but the program dorms were full.  He would have to stay in the Gateway until some men graduated and their spaces became vacant.  However, after two weeks in the Gateway he went into hospital to be treated for pneumonia.  He returned to the Gateway after his hospital stay and joined the Christian Living Program.

He experienced initial success, but he lapsed and left the Program.  He came back to us in July and he was welcomed into the Program.  He stuck with it this time, and recently graduated.  He is now working with the Program director to help with new clients and other tasks.