Travis plans on getting his daughters back into his life

“I came to the shelter because I was looking for a place to stay.  I actually went online and found the Mission.  I had not heard of it, but it had a good reputation.”

                Travis came to the Mission by way of the Gateway Center emergency shelter, the Mission’s overnight shelter that provides a bed, showers, and meals to homeless men.  He was there for about 1 week.  If you stay at the Gateway you will meet Edwin, the Gateway Center manager.  Edwin is an imposing figure with a heart to match.  He told Travis about the Christian Living Program.

                The program sounded like what Travis needed.  From the Gateway Travis moved upstairs to the structured Christian Living Program.

                “The program gave me the experience and help I needed.  I could do it on my own because I didn’t know where to start.  I had the support of Pastor Rob, Curt, David, and Dan who helped me with career services.”

                Travis graduated from the Christian Living Program and he is now a part of the Clean Team.  However, he has plans.  While progressing through the Christian Living Program he had help building his resume and figuring out a career path he wanted.  Although he is working full-time for the Clean Team he will be starting a CDL training program in September.

                He plans on long-haul trucking, and, most importantly, getting his daughters back into his life.