Anthony is a 3-time graduate

Anthony is a 3-time graduate of the Christian Living Program, and he is an important example of the Mission’s commitment to helping homeless men no matter what their situation.

                He is 54, and he has struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for most of his life.  His first experience with the Mission was in the 1970s.  He completed the life skills program and afterward worked in construction.  He married and lived a life that most would describe as normal.

                At some point he returned to drug and alcohol use.  It affected every aspect of his life, and like many he believed he was in control.

                In March of this year Anthony became unemployed.  He was soon homeless and came back to the Mission.  He graduated from the Christian Living Program, and he began working on the Clean Team.  However, his demons got the better of him.  The Mission helped Anthony seek inpatient counseling which he successfully completed.

                After Anthony found sobriety he came back to the Mission, and we welcomed him back to the Christian Living Program.  He has completed the program a 3rd time, and he is once again working on the Clean Team.  He is hoping to save money for independence, and to reconcile with his wife.

                Anthony’s story is not unique.  The men in our Christian Living Program do well, but sometimes they fall, and when they do the Mission will be there to lift them.  Addiction is a daily struggle, and the struggling need our help.  We will always provide it.  If we don’t, who will?