Pedro was a stay-at-home father of four

Pedro was a stay-at-home father of four.  His 14-year relationship with his children’s’ mother ended, and he was in a poor state of mind.  He had to say goodbye to his children, and he went to the behavioral health unit of a local hospital to find help.  He received as much help as his insurance allowed; however, after 14 days he was forced to leave.  The hospital called the Allentown Rescue Mission, and paid for a cab to downtown Allentown where went to the police station on 10th and Hamilton for a mission voucher.

He was aloof when he came through the front doors.  The shelter opens at 4 pm every day and he arrived at 2 pm.  Pedro waited in the gazebo behind the building.  He met Edwin that day, and he was introduced to the Christian Living Program (CLP).  Edwin immediately knew he needed what the Christian Living Program offered.  Pedro had one requirement: he always called his children at 7 pm, and Edwin promised he could continue to do so.

The Christian Living Program was hard at first.  On one occasion Pedro almost left because he was unable to contact his daughter.

But God’s timing was perfect.

During a CLP class Pastor Rob was talking about idols in their lives.  Perhaps the men were putting less important things before God.  Pedro realized that without healing he could not be a father to his children.  He needed to put his own healing before his children.  Pedro accepted that in his current state of mind, God could take better care of his children than he could.

                Pedro has found comradery with the men in the Christian Living Program.  Going through the program has helped Pedro become an example for the guys coming through the program.  He is sober, and he has quit smoking.  He is now working on the Clean Team, and he is trying to accomplish one goal: he is looking for a job so he can get his children back into his life.