Dean was an altar boy at his grandparents’ church

Dean was an altar boy at his grandparents’ church.  As a teen he joined a gang.  While he was serving time in prison his daughter was diagnosed with childhood leukemia.  Shortly thereafter his relationship with his long-term girlfriend fell apart, and he found himself homeless.

He was told he could find shelter at the Allentown Rescue Mission.  It took Dean several attempts to embrace the mission: between stints at the mission he would hustle to get money, thereby exacerbating his legal troubles.  He knew about the Christian Living Program, but he didn’t need it because he didn’t need help changing his life, instead opting to alternate between the mission, and motels.

He was sitting in a motel when he decided to check into rehabilitation.  However, he needed to go somewhere when he could no longer stay at the clinic.  He made the decision to enter the Christian Living Program.

The Christian Living Program has taught Dean how to walk the walk.   He always embraced faith, but now it means something in his life.  It gives him strength.  In his own words, “God’s the only one that hasn’t let me down.”

Dean is part of a support group for the faithful, and this contributes to his continued success. He regularly attends church, and he recently renewed his barber’s license.