“God supplies my every need.”

Stories of Hope
“God supplies my every need.” After serving in the military, Barry struggled with an addiction to drugs for three decades – he lost jobs, a place to live and eventually, became homeless. “Then I had a terrible seizure and ended up in the emergency room. I didn’t have anywhere to go so they introduced me to the Mission.” Barry entered our Christian Living Program and rediscovered his faith, which led to healing, inside and out. “God placed me here to get my relationship right, get off drugs and give me a purpose.” Today, Barry is a graduate of our program and continues to work on the Clean Team, helping to repair and revitalize the streets in our community. “Through His mighty power, I’m still on the Clean Team. He blessed me with a place to live. He continues to provide.” Barry is content to wait for God to direct his future plans. “God places me in people’s lives to be an example. Not to see me, but to see Him in me.” With your support, men Barry have found hope and begun new lives. THANK YOU!