Phil grew up believing he had no value.

Phil grew up believing he had no value. His alcoholic father beat
him every day and, after his parents divorced, his mother abused and
then abandoned him. Eventually, Phil turned to alcohol and drugs to deal
with his pain, costing him jobs and relationships. Finally, he wound up
homeless, sitting on a park bench contemplating suicide. “I prayed ‘If
there’s any hope or purpose you have for me, guide me.’” Instantly, Phil
remembered hearing of the Allentown Rescue Mission!
He gave his life to Christ while in Gateway, our emergency shelter,
and entered our Christian Living Program, continuing to heal and grow.
After graduation, Phil stayed on at the Mission, working on the Clean
Team, saving money and looking for work. “I got blessed with a job, and I
have the money to go do something positive. I have a sense of purpose.”
With your support, men like Phil have found hope and
begun new lives. THANK YOU!