Greg joined us at the end of the summer

Greg joined us at the end of the summer.  He has health problems, and he was forced to choose between rent and treatment.  He opted for treatment.  Unfortunately for him he had no place to go after his release from hospital and rehabilitation.  That is the point at which many men decide to come to the emergency shelter at the Allentown Rescue Mission.  However, Greg didn’t know about us, and so he decided that he would try living in the woods.

For a while he lived in various wooded locations in and around the Lehigh Valley.  Greg is not alone in making the decision to live either alone in the woods, or in a homeless encampment.  After several weeks of living rough he contacted social services.  A case worker introduced him to the Allentown Rescue Mission where he found hot meals, a bed, and shelter.  After a stay of 2 weeks he embraced our Transformation Program from which he will be graduating on Friday.

Since joining the Transformation Program Greg has made himself an indispensable part of the Mission.He works in food service and helps prepare and serve meals to our guests and staff.He also works in the dish room and keeps our facilities clean.We’re happy he is graduating, and even happier that he will be staying with us for some time to continue helping with various jobs around the Mission.His health issues limit what he can do, but we find a place for everyone that is willing to work.

Greg 11.22.19.jpg

Greg 11.22.jpg