Josh and his brother became homeless at 40

Josh and his brother became homeless at 40.  They had been living with family near the Poconos, and due to circumstances beyond their control they had to leave their home.  Family was kind enough to drop them off at the Gateway Shelter.  From there Josh came to the Christian Living Program.

                Josh said the best aspect of the Program is the Christian Ministry.  The staff makes it a point to use examples not just from Christ’s Ministry, but to use Christ’s disciples as examples of right living.  Josh saw their example in his own life, i.e., like the disciples, Josh is working to walk the right path, and he need look no further than the ministry provided by the Christian Living Program staff.

                Josh, like all the men of the Christian Living Program, joined a church, and on weekends there are shuttles that take him to services.  Josh attends services on both Saturday and Sunday, and he also sees his brother on those days.  The church will be there to support Josh when he graduates from the Christian Living Program this Friday, and Josh is encouraged to maintain a relationship with his congregation.

                His plan is to work on the Clean Team, attend service with his new congregation on a regular basis, and to reenter the workforce when he is ready.  The Mission and his church will be here to support Josh every step of the way.