17th Annual Spaghetti Dinner Results

17th Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Allentown Rescue Mission Breaks Record!

This year was our 17th annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser, and it was our most successful fundraising event to date! Here is how our success breaks down:

1. We raised a total of over $147,000 with donations received from 1,105 donors. (At $10 a meatball that’s 14,700 meatballs!)

2. We ran the dinner with the help of 100’s volunteers

The staff and men of Mission who helped us along the way deserve a special thank you, as do the sponsoring hour and matching donors who contributed.

The fundraising event has ended, but the work of the Mission has not. We clothe, house, and feed homeless men 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you missed our Spaghetti Dinner you can still help! We just kicked off our Thanks for Giving fundraising drive, and you can support the Mission by donating or designating us as your charity of choice while shopping at Amazon.com and using Amazon Smile. Here is a helpful link:


Once again we would like to thank everyone who donated their money and time and made this year’s dinner a success!