Go Green in 18!      Give Monthly!


Think of all the mail you get each day. You get bills, monthly statements, letters from us here at the Mission. It is a lot of paper and resources used to get that mail to you.

Now consider how much could be saved by moving towards paperless capabilities. Some of the current ways we help the environment include: 

  • Paying bills online
  • Viewing your monthly statements by signing into an account.
  • Making a donation to your favorite nonprofit
  • Receiving emails about the latest news

We can also help with cleaning up the environment. By Going Green, you can opt-out of our print mailings and receive emails only. You will also be saving time by making an ongoing monthly contribution.

Are you ready to take that step!

Opt-in and start "Going Green in 2018!" today! It's easier than ever, more convenient, and it helps the environment.

Simply fill out this online donation form and we will enroll you into our email program.