1. Obtain a housing voucher at the Allentown Police station at 1005 Hamilton Street.

  2. Photo identification will be required.

  3. Come to the Mission between 3:30 P.M. and 7:30 P.M. (Dinner is served at 5:30 P.M.)

Para poder ser aceptados en esta MISSION tienes que hacer lo siguiente:

  1. Tienes que obtener un boleto (voucher) de en la estacion de policia calle 10 Y Hamilton

  2. Una identificacion con retrato es requerida.

  3. La entrada a la Mission es de 3:30 P.M. Y 7:30 P.M. (La comida sera servida a las 5:30 P.M.)

Not Just a Bed and a Meal... A Chance for a New Beginning

Our Gateway Center (emergency shelter) is the most basic of our programs and is often the entry-point into our long-term programs. Our Emergency Shelter receives clients - sometimes literally off the street, who have exhausted all support and typically have multiple and long-term problems.

The Gateway Center (emergency shelter) provides 72 beds for homeless men. The shelter is open 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.

The Gateway Center (emergency shelter) offers up to a 30 day stay. During this time the men our encouraged to get a job and save money, connect with an agency to develop a plan to end their homelessness, or apply for our transitional, Christian based, life skills program called “The Christian Living Program.

The men are encouraged to join the Christian Living  Program which will enable them to resolve the root causes of their homelessness.  

Free services include: nutritious meals, personal-care items, clean bedding, clothing, shower facilities, life coaching, medical help through our DeSales Clinic, referrals to outside agencies, as well as chapel services.

In 2018 the Gateway Center provided a total of 19,731 nights of shelter, 26,992 meals were served to over of 750 homeless men.

There were 144 individuals placed in programs to end their homelessness, or in housing, and 52 obtained employment.


What is the Gateway Center?
Interestingly, many people in the Lehigh Valley know something about the Allentown Rescue Mission, but know little or nothing about the Gateway Center. Many, thankfully, even donate to the Mission. But what amazes me, is that most do not know what goes on inside our doors. Most believe the Mission is a place where people, who are homeless, come for food and shelter. AKA: “Three hots and a cot.” But in reality, the Mission, is a whole lot more than that.

  • First of all, the Mission is a men’s only shelter. The Mission has many phases to help men out of their homeless state. The first phase of our programs would be the Mission’s Homeless Shelter, called the Gateway Center. The Gateway Center is a dorm that houses 72 men. These men come off the street, or are referred to us, through an agency. There are many reasons men come to the Gateway Center, but the reality is, they have nowhere else to go. These men are homeless. The men, whom we call our guests, are given a bed with clean linen. Our guests are required to shower daily, in private, single shower stalls. Our guests have home cooked meals prepared for them seven days a week by the Mission’s kitchen staff.

  • Upon arrival to the Gateway Center, the guests whom we serve, are given an “intake” to assess their needs. Each guest is given an individualized plan to help him end his homelessness. For some it is a matter of gaining employment, saving money, and securing their own residence. For others, the problem of homelessness is much deeper, and additional help is required that provided by our staff or outside agencies whom we work with.

  • In addition to meeting our guest’s physical needs, we also go deeper to help them with their spiritual needs. The Allentown Rescue Mission is a Christian Ministry. We believe, by the power of Jesus Christ, a man’s life could be transformed, renewed and restored. Our trained staff pray with our guests; have Christian devotions with our guests; and encourage our guests to go to our daily chapel services. The Gateway Center: The beginning of a life changing journey.

  • What is the length of stay in the Gateway Center?
    The Gateway Center is the Allentown Rescue Mission’s walk-in emergency shelter. When a man is welcomed into the Gateway Center, he is provided a case manager who explains to him that the Gateway Center is a temporary solution to his homelessness. The Gateway Center guest and Case Manager work together to create a plan to end his homelessness. When the plan is agreed upon, he is given a ten day stay. After the ten days, an evaluation is completed to determine if the plan is working, and to ensure that the man is following the progression plan agreed upon, and discuss next steps. At this point, the man can stay for up to thirty days.

  • What are the qualifications needed for a man to enter into the Mission’s Christian Living Program?
    The first qualification is being a resident of our Emergency Shelter. Men in our shelter will be identified and qualified by our Shelter Manager prior to entering the Christian Living Program. Many times, I am asked if a man wanting to enter the Christian Living Program must be a Christian. The answer is NO. We accept men of all faiths, or even if the candidate has no faith, he may enter the Christian Living Program. The main qualification, our staff is looking for in one of our Gateway Center guests, is the realization that there needs to be change in their lives. Many, in the homeless population, have been doing the same things over and over again through the years, expecting different results. When a man, in our Gateway Center (emergency shelter), comes to the realization that he needs to change his life to move forward, he is ready for the Christian Living Program.