Pedro was a stay-at-home father of four

Pedro was a stay-at-home father of four.  His 14-year relationship with his children’s’ mother ended, and he was in a poor state of mind.  He had to say goodbye to his children, and he went to the behavioral health unit of a local hospital to find help.  He received as much help as his insurance allowed; however, after 14 days he was forced to leave.  The hospital called the Allentown Rescue Mission, and paid for a cab to downtown Allentown where went to the police station on 10th and Hamilton for a mission voucher.

He was aloof when he came through the front doors.  The shelter opens at 4 pm every day and he arrived at 2 pm.  Pedro waited in the gazebo behind the building.  He met Edwin that day, and he was introduced to the Christian Living Program (CLP).  Edwin immediately knew he needed what the Christian Living Program offered.  Pedro had one requirement: he always called his children at 7 pm, and Edwin promised he could continue to do so.

The Christian Living Program was hard at first.  On one occasion Pedro almost left because he was unable to contact his daughter.

But God’s timing was perfect.

During a CLP class Pastor Rob was talking about idols in their lives.  Perhaps the men were putting less important things before God.  Pedro realized that without healing he could not be a father to his children.  He needed to put his own healing before his children.  Pedro accepted that in his current state of mind, God could take better care of his children than he could.

                Pedro has found comradery with the men in the Christian Living Program.  Going through the program has helped Pedro become an example for the guys coming through the program.  He is sober, and he has quit smoking.  He is now working on the Clean Team, and he is trying to accomplish one goal: he is looking for a job so he can get his children back into his life.


When Frank’s relationship ended he was forced to move out

When Frank’s relationship ended and he was forced to move out, he struggled to find a place to stay. Out of work, he came to our Gateway Emergency Shelter, where he realized his brokenness.Through the classes and counseling in our Christian Living Program, his worry and frustration with God were transformed into trust. “Now I realize that God says, ‘Don’t worry,Frankie. I got you.’”Since graduating from the program, Frank enjoys working on our Clean Team and is thankful to be living in a place of his own. “It’s important to support the Mission because everyone needs a safe place to go. Before coming to the Mission, I was broke and broken.Now I’m well established and whole.”Your gift will be doubled today to help more men like Frank!


Manny grew up with a debilitating fear of life

Manny grew up with a debilitating fear of life and turned to
heroin to numb his pain. But, 11 years ago, God called him to be a
“fisher of men,” delivering him from his addiction. Manny’s been
sharing the Lord ever since. Tragedy struck last year when Manny
was diagnosed with chronic heart disease. “I lost my job. I was
hurting and confused. I had nowhere to go and I needed help.”
He found it at the Allentown Rescue Mission!
Through our Christian Living Program classes and
chapels, Manny has grown stronger in the Lord. “They poured
into me spiritually and helped me get my bearings so I could
go back out there.” Manny, who is now on disability, will be
moving in with relatives and continuing to serve the Lord. “I
just want to sow healing into men’s lives.” With your support, men like Manny have found hope and
begun new lives. THANK YOU!


Phil grew up believing he had no value.

Phil grew up believing he had no value. His alcoholic father beat
him every day and, after his parents divorced, his mother abused and
then abandoned him. Eventually, Phil turned to alcohol and drugs to deal
with his pain, costing him jobs and relationships. Finally, he wound up
homeless, sitting on a park bench contemplating suicide. “I prayed ‘If
there’s any hope or purpose you have for me, guide me.’” Instantly, Phil
remembered hearing of the Allentown Rescue Mission!
He gave his life to Christ while in Gateway, our emergency shelter,
and entered our Christian Living Program, continuing to heal and grow.
After graduation, Phil stayed on at the Mission, working on the Clean
Team, saving money and looking for work. “I got blessed with a job, and I
have the money to go do something positive. I have a sense of purpose.”
With your support, men like Phil have found hope and
begun new lives. THANK YOU!


John has a reason to celebrate!!!

John has a reason to celebrate!!!
Meet John! He came to the Mission believing all hope for his life was gone. Your support provided the
hot, nourishing meal that changed everything – and gave him hope for a new life in Christ.
Today, you can help more men like
John with your gift to feed, shelter and
share God’s love during our Annual
Campaign. A meal is just $2.37… and the hope
it provides in the lives of homeless
and hungry men is truly a reason
to celebrate!

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Thomas’s world fell apart

Thomas’s world fell apart when his mom passed away. He and his brother had been caring for their elderly mother due to her declining health. But they were unable to manage on their own after her death. As the bills piled up and money ran out, Thomas and his brother ended up losing their apartment. With nowhere else to go, the brothers lived in their vehicle for several days while they tried to figure out a plan. A beacon of hope came in the form of their sister, who had heard about the programs at the Allentown Rescue Mission and suggested they stay here until they got back on their feet. Thomas came to the Allentown Rescue Mission, where God’s love and gifts from you and other faithful friends provided him with food, shelter and guidance to restore his life. Today, he has a newfound faith and trust in Jesus Christ. He graduated from the program and lives on his own, but continues to work on the Clean Team helping around the Allentown community. “I’m grateful to be here with a good bunch of people, and I’m trying my best to do a good job.” His gratitude belongs to caring friends like you who provide second chances for those who need a helping hand and a fresh start. Thank you.


“God supplies my every need.”

Stories of Hope
“God supplies my every need.” After serving in the military, Barry struggled with an addiction to drugs for three decades – he lost jobs, a place to live and eventually, became homeless. “Then I had a terrible seizure and ended up in the emergency room. I didn’t have anywhere to go so they introduced me to the Mission.” Barry entered our Christian Living Program and rediscovered his faith, which led to healing, inside and out. “God placed me here to get my relationship right, get off drugs and give me a purpose.” Today, Barry is a graduate of our program and continues to work on the Clean Team, helping to repair and revitalize the streets in our community. “Through His mighty power, I’m still on the Clean Team. He blessed me with a place to live. He continues to provide.” Barry is content to wait for God to direct his future plans. “God places me in people’s lives to be an example. Not to see me, but to see Him in me.” With your support, men Barry have found hope and begun new lives. THANK YOU!


“I didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

Stories of Hope
“I didn’t have anywhere else to go.” For years, Lou lived from paycheck to paycheck, until the stress of being so behind on his bills led to a severe depression. He tried to
recover on his own, but only felt more hopeless – and lost his job and apartment. Finally, Lou checked into a local hospital for help with his depression. “I had never been in a situation like that before. It was definitely scary.” But it was where he first heard about the Allentown Rescue Mission.
Lou entered our Christian Living Program and reconnected
with the Lord. “I’ve grown quite a bit – I’m learning about the Bible and I started praying again.” Now, he plans to go back to school and has already applied for a training program at a local hospital. “I’m working toward a goal of getting a job, then a car and my own place.” He’s thankful for his time in our care, and the lessons he has learned. “They help a lot of people at the Mission. It’s reinforced my Christian values and I’m grateful.”
Help men like Lou at


Gary was happily married with three sons and a good job

Gary was happily married with three sons and a good job. “I thought I had a perfect life,” he says. “But after my kids grew up and moved out, my wife and I didn’t have things in common and we separated.” Then Gary lost his job and couldn’t find another. “I was 60 and nobody wanted to hire me,” he says. “I lived on the streets for three months.” It was then Gary happened upon the Allentown Rescue Mission. Gary stayed in our Gateway Center Emergency Shelter for 10 days and, when he learned of our Christian Living Program, decided it was for him. Since then, his relationship with the Lord has grown dramatically. “I don’t think I ever picked up the Bible before I came here, but now I’m reading it every day,” he says. “I believed in God, but it wasn’t in my heart. Now He means everything to me.” Gary has now graduated from the program, has his own apartment, and works on the Clean Team, cleaning the Mission. “If it weren’t for the Mission, I don’t know what I would’ve done. They turned my life completely around,” he says. “I feel like I found myself – and I’ve never been happier.”