Volunteer Spotlight: Larry Becker Helping the Mission in Any Way He Can

Volunteer Spotlight: Larry Becker Helping the Mission in any way he can “Even with the small things I do, I feel like I am contributing to a big cause.” Larry Becker has been volunteering his time at the Allentown Rescue Mission since his retirement, over a year ago. Larry’s first retirement was from Prudential Insurance Company where he worked as an accountant for 17 years. His second retirement recently was from Wyckoff Assembly of God Church where he worked as a business administrator for last 3 years.

Larry started volunteering in September of 2018 and he was helping multiple days a week updating & consolidating the volunteer database. Larry now inputs volunteer information and hours into excel spreadsheets for calculation purposes for the Food Service manager and for the Thank You letter process. Larry enjoys doing this because it falls into one of his passions, accounting.

Accounting has been a passion of his and for his career for many years. Larry has been helping the Mission for more than a year. For five years prior to his volunteering, Larry had been giving monetary donations to the Mission because he fully believed in what the Mission was doing. Larry then decided to volunteer his time when he received a letter. “I saw a volunteer list on one of the mailings that was sent to me and I saw that something can be done with my skills in excel spreadsheets and I responded online,” Larry said. “I like volunteering at the Mission because it is a proven Christ-centered ministry that rehabilitates homeless men.”

One thing Larry has noticed since volunteering at the Mission, is how eager people are to help. “I am amazed at how all of the volunteers show so much enthusiasm in just being here to help out and also having the opportunities to be a part of such exciting events that help the homeless.” We would like to thank Larry for all of his support to the Mission. He has truly been a huge help and we appreciate him and all he does.

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