Travis, Samuel and Anthony Graduated our 8 Week program last week

Travis, Samuel and Anthony sat munching on sliders for dinner after being honored for completing the Christian Living Program Aug. 16 at the Allentown Rescue Mission. And it was a good feeling. Sliders and their fixings are great, but completing the program and being ready to move forward with their lives was the source of that good – perhaps great – feeling.

            Travis, 31, is from Allentown. After a stint he jail, he lived with a friend, his friend’s wife and kids. When the couple split, Travis lost his place to stay and, since his friend was his ride to work, lost his job. “When I came here, I didn’t know about the Christian Living Program, and I wasn’t sure about it,” Travis said. But the program changed him. “It opened my eyes. I was never really religious and didn’t know much about the Bible. But if I follow his word and focus on God’s plan I can go places.” Now, Travis has a goal of going to trucking school after saving money for school by working on The Clean Team. “There were times I didn’t think I’d make it. It gets scary sometimes.”

                        Anthony, 54, is originally from Bethlehem and was at the mission 25 years ago, though the program was different then. After a year in jail and with nowhere to go, he came to the mission and gave it a shot. “When I was incarcerated I lost my mom, who spent 40 years trying to get me straight. I did it for her. I knew if I were to go back to my old ways I’d be drinking and drugging myself to death,” Anthony said. He also had a “rough marriage” along the way. “This place keeps my mind in a different place. The Good Book helps me most definitely,” said Anthony, who will work for a screen printing company.

            All three men especially appreciate the help of Pastor Rob Romig, program director; and Curt Ritter, client care coordinator. “They kept me in line,” Travis added.