Transformation Program Graduate – Jose V.

Kicked out of his apartment for not helping with the rent and other home concerns, Jose V. spent time in several local shelters before he came to the Allentown Rescue Mission. While in the Emergency Shelter Jose looked for work, but nothing materialized. Along the way, he made friends in the shelter, so when his friends decided to join the Transformation Program, he did so as well.

In the program, Jose’s friends affectionately referred to him as “Chuckles,” because most of the time he was smiling or laughing. Even though he has a positive outlook on life, Jose took his situation very seriously. During classes, he would often share relevant information showing that he was learning the lessons and taking them to heart.

Since graduating from the Transformation Program, Jose works for the Clean Team Workforce. His goal is to travel back to the Dominican Republic where he was born to share his story with others. He wants to offer the people in his country hope like he was given at the Allentown Rescue Mission.