Transformation Program Graduate – John K.

John K. served in the United States Army as a communications radio-teletype operator for ten years. He
was honorably discharged from service with the rank of sergeant. After leaving the military, John moved
around frequently and lost track of his DD214 discharge record. It was not until he came to the
Allentown Rescue Mission that John realized there were benefits he could utilize once he received an
official copy of his DD214.

A member of the Allentown Rescue Mission’s Board of Directors, who is a veteran himself, works with
vets to help them with life setbacks. Our member met with John, made him aware of benefits and
options available to him, and helped him obtain his DD214. For the first time in a long while, John felt
hopeful. Within a few short weeks, he received his documentation.

John feels blessed to have had the Allentown Rescue Mission support and guide him through this
process. He is now looking forward to using benefits and services that he earned by serving his country.