Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month for October

The Allentown Rescue Mission’s Clean Team Workforce is proud to announce  its Employee of the Month for October, Kevin J. 

Kevin grew up in a neighborhood where violence and drugs were prevalent. As a result, he followed the  same path as many other kids in the area and sold drugs as a young person. He overcame this lifestyle  when he secured a good-paying job as a machine operator. Kevin worked hard for seven years before  two serious events occurred. In 2017, Kevin was involved in a car accident that shattered his ankle and  fractured his wrist. Then in 2021, while driving home from work, he was caught in gang crossfire and  shot in the chest three times. He was lucky to be alive but unfortunately was not able to work and lost  his job. Eventually, after physical therapy for both injuries, he was able to work again but didn’t earn  enough money to pay his rent. This is when he found the Allentown Rescue Mission. 

Kevin heard about the Transformation Program while he was residing at the Emergency Shelter. After  reflecting on his life, Kevin concluded that God led him to the Mission and to the Transformation  Program. He believes that God saved his life both times in his accidents and he wanted to grow closer to  the God who saved him. The program also helped him calm his anxiety and relieve his anger. His only  complaint was that his time in the program was too short. 

Kevin graduated from the Transformation Program in September of this year, and since then, has been  working a dual role with the Clean Team Workforce and as an assistant for the Allentown Rescue  Mission’s Emergency Shelter. He works different jobs such as landscaping and estate cleanouts Mondays  through Thursdays and helps the men in the Emergency Shelter on weekends. Kevin is busy and likes it  that way. Kevin’s long-term goal is to be the best version of the man God created him to be. Eventually, Kevin  would like to get his CDL license using scholarship money offered by the Allentown Rescue Mission. He  wants to become an over-the-road truck driver so he can support his family and see the United States at  the same time. He would love to be able to buy a home for his kids and grandchildren and watch them  grow up.

The Allentown Rescue Mission, a 501c3, 123 bed non-profit homeless shelter has been providing shelter for homeless men since 1900. In addition to emergency shelter services (365 days a year), the Allentown Rescue Mission offers a residential life skills program, and transitional employment on the Clean Team Workforce that’s available for hire to the community. The Clean Team Workforce pays the men above PA state minimum wage– helping them save a nest egg to transition back into the community. In a typical year, the Allentown Rescue Mission provides shelter services for over 946 men per year, and serves over 42,000 meals a year to men in need.

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