Allentown Rescue Mission’s July Billboards

(Allentown, PA)– The Allentown Rescue Mission’s “I AM” billboard campaign tells the stories of their graduates, partners, volunteers, and Clean Team. Each of the billboards tells the story of someone who has been impacted by the Allentown Rescue Mission.

“I AM” is a slogan used by the Allentown Rescue Mission to demonstrate that everyone is a part of the Allentown Rescue Mission. The featured people on the billboards say, “I AM the Allentown Rescue Mission.”

Ted came to the Allentown Rescue Mission after he fell on hard times. After learning valuable life-skills the Transformation Program, Ted has joined the Clean Team and is on his way to being restored to his community.

C Vending Company has been supporting the Allentown Rescue Mission for half a decade. “Giving back is a good thing, it doesn’t have to be a lot, but give back to your community,” says Chip Catino, the owner of C Vending.

Liz, a middle-school teacher, has been volunteering at the Allentown Rescue Mission for over six years. She not only takes the time to help out at the Allentown Rescue Mission but also teaches her students about how they can help give back to those in need.

Doug, Raymond, and John are all working hard to change their lives. The Allentown Rescue Mission has provided them with employment on the Clean Team after graduating from the Transformation Program. From here, they will begin to save money and take steps toward self-sufficiency.

While driving around Allentown and Emmaus, you will be able to put a face to these people and their stories. The Allentown Rescue Mission billboards are located at:

Both sides of the billboard post on Tilghman St. by Werley Rd. Allentown, PA

  • Hamilton St. by Elmo St. Allentown, PA
  • Hamilton St. by Front St. Allentown, PA
  • 15th St. by Sumner Ave. Allentown, PA
  • 15th St. by Elm St. Allentown, PA
  • Both sides of the billboard post on Buckeye Rd. by Tank Farm Rd. Emmaus, PA
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. by 15th St. Allentown, PA
  • S. 3rd St. by Union St. Allentown, PA

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