Allentown Rescue Mission Honors Clean Team Member of the Month, Cliff

The Clean Team would like to congratulate their Worker of the Month for August, Cliff M.

Cliff struggled with financial hardship and claimed that he was “flat broke” and had nowhere to go.  Fortunately, he learned about the Allentown Rescue Mission on the internet. He decided to enter into the Transformation Program with the hope that he could regain his financial independence and live a better life.

While in the Program, Cliff showed excellent class participation in the Transformation Program and enjoyed learning during classes.  Cliff was saved and baptized six months before coming to the Allentown Rescue Mission, but says he has learned more about the Bible while being at the Mission than ever before.  Cliff has always helped assist staff members and has been a mentor to other guests during his stay at the Allentown Rescue Mission. Cliff is grateful for the help he has received while at the Allentown Rescue Mission and has enjoyed the opportunity to work for the Clean Team after he graduated from the Transformation Program on April 13, 2020.

While working for the Clean Team, Cliff has demonstrated all 10 Workplace Values daily, but the one value that sticks out with Cliff is that he has always been productive. Cliff is a Driver for the Clean Team and has been in charge of running The Clean Team’s grass cutting crew.  Cliff is a person who likes to keep busy and get the job done and has been very productive in doing so.  He is ready to go every day and has done an excellent job.

Currently, Cliff is interviewing with companies in search of a new career.  He is looking forward to starting his new journey in life, taking with him everything he has learned and gained while at the Mission to help him move forward in life.