Transformation Program Graduate – David S.

Meet recent Transformation Program graduate, David S. Within about a year, David’s parents, whom he was close to, passed away. Afterward, David fell into a deep depression, which eventually contributed to him losing his job. He then began drinking heavily and gambling to forget about his problems. As Dave says, “Things didn’t get better, they got worse and ultimately, I lost everything I owned.” He spent the next 5 months living in his car and then on the streets. A friend told David about the Allentown Rescue Mission, and Dave was able to go online and look at the stories of Transformation Program graduates who had changed their lives. “I swallowed my pride and I made the decision to come here,” David recalls.

The Transformation Program gave David his strength back. “I think learning about the Bible and learning to put God on my side and in my heart enabled me to pick up the pieces and move on with my life. I can now start over and prove to myself that I can return to normal living.”

Moving forward, Dave plans on using what he’s learned in the last 8 weeks to once again be a productive member of society. He is eager to start working, first for the Clean Team Workforce, and eventually securing a full-time, permanent position with a local company. David has put in the work thus far to get on his feet and find restoration and healing. Once he gets his own place to live, David plans on developing a solid relationship with his sons by getting to know them better and hopefully sharing with them what he has learned in the Transformation Program. Today, David not only has goals but the willingness and desire to achieve his goals and become a better man.