Success Story – Nikiea

Nikiea joined the Transformation Program looking to add God to his life. “I knew about the Lord as a kid; I had family who went to church, but I never personally took a relationship with Christ seriously.” While in the program, Nikiea realized that he wanted to dedicate his life to Jesus and get saved. “I figured things would get better if I turned my life over to Him.” One night, Nikiea prayed and asked the Lord to save him and surrendered his life to the Lord. “I feel like a weight lifted off my chest”. Nikiea is reading the Bible, along with his devotional, and praying. Nikiea admits that he is a work in progress, but he knows “where he is going” and “knows no matter what” he “always has The Lord to turn to”. Nikiea, may the Lord continue to bless you.