Doug joined the Transformation Program

Doug joined the Transformation Program, completed his classes, and was employed on The Clean Team. Now he tells us about his life and how he got to where he is.

Doug’s life had taken a turn for the worse nine years ago when he experienced medical issues that would change his life. Doug was diagnosed with grand mal seizures. Doug dealt with his disease for some time, but ultimately his pain and suffering caused him to lose faith. He began to walk away from both his loved ones and God.  After being on his own, Doug found himself homeless, out of meds, and emotionally spent.

Doug eventually found his way to the Allentown Rescue Mission and stayed in the Emergency Shelter for a bit. While in the shelter, he heard about the Transformation Program, and he knew he needed a change. Doug enrolled in the Transformation Program. Here, he learned valuable life-skills and was able to receive counseling. Doug was also able to receive the proper medical attention he needed to help control his seizures.

The Transformation Program allowed Doug to find himself again, and he was able to re-establish his relationship with God. After graduating from the Transformation Program, Doug joined The Clean Team and has since been working hard to save money so he can eventually get back into his community.

Doug is so grateful for what the Allentown Rescue Mission has done for him, and he is excited about where his new life will take him!