Curtis and Mike Change their Lives by Working on the Clean Team

Everybody needs helps sometimes

Curtis and Mike are members of the Allentown Rescue Mission’s Clean Team, and they take pride in their work. Although they are in a good place now, that wasn’t always the case.

            Curtis was sitting in the Lehigh County prison looking out of the window in desperation. He noticed a bright red sign shining, “God is Love.” Curtis says that this was like a sign from God himself. He knew that’s where he needed to go after he finished serving his time. As a kid, Curtis went to church with his mom and aunt. He knew God was the answer to his despairing state. As he sat in the Transformation Program classes, everything he learned as a kid about God started to connect inside of his heart. Curtis’s life is turned around now that he knows that God loves him, and has forgiven him. Since his graduation Curtis has been working for the Clean Team handling facilities and maintenance project, but his skills are flexible. Curtis has recently stepped up to help out the kitchen when they needed an extra hand.

            Michael failed to report to his Parole officer which led him to more jail time on top of the time he was already serving for a DUI. Mike had to deal with a great deal at a young age: a homicide-DUI accident in 2004, the death of his grandmother, and being hospitalized and diagnosed with diabetes. With all of these things happening so close together, his life was never the same. Michael pushed away his wife over his guilt resulting from the accident. He knew about the Allentown Rescue Mission, and came here right after serving all of his time. Mike feels safe here, and the camaraderie with the men in the Transformation Program has helped him come out of his shell. He feels motivated to keep moving forward with his life. Mike has been working on the Clean Team since his graduations and has been helping with the facilities and maintenance.

            Curtis and Mike have truly come a long way. By learning lessons, getting a job, and working hard, they have truly changed their lives and are on the path to restoration.