Things were going well in Wayne’s life

Things were going well in Wayne’s life; he had a good job, a nice house, a loving wife, and two beautiful daughters but he was still not able to see all of the blessings he had. He began to feel depressed and ever since his father’s passing eight years ago, he began to lose faith in himself and in God. Wayne’s depression ultimately led him to alcohol as an escape, and he soon found himself alone, pushing away the rest of his family.

He was told about the Allentown Rescue Mission from his Aunt. He decided to come and join the Transformation Program because he felt he needed God back in his life. Entering into the program, Wayne says that by him not recognizing all that he had achieved, it hurt his marriage and led him to become homeless. Throughout the lessons he received in the program, Wayne finally understood what he had been missing in his life, Christ. He says that since he has found this new path he has felt nothing but joy in his heart. Wayne feels that he is in a great spot in his life today as he is reconnecting with family and even has a few potential jobs lined up. Wayne expects hard times to come, but he says that he now has the tools to battle them, and is looking forward to the next chapter of his life.