We never give up on men in need

Nick returned to the Allentown Rescue Mission during the coronavirus pandemic.  Like so many men in need, Nick’s childhood was less than ideal.  He had a loving family, but the problems he had led him to self-medicate.  This, in turn, led to him choosing the wrong kinds of friends.  He moved out of his parents’ home at 21, had several jobs, but his circumstances gradually worsened, and he found himself at the Allentown Rescue Mission.  Nick is now at the Mission for his 3rd stay.  He is doing well, and we have never seen him so optimistic.  However, if he stumbles, we will always be there to catch him.  The Allentown Rescue Mission does not give up on its men.  Here, men are rescued and rehabilitated until they can be restored, regardless of how long it may take.

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