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“The Mission turned my life around”

Tim is a man who has learned to persevere through life’s setbacks. “My job laid me off, then my wife left, and I couldn’t pay the mortgage on my house so I had to give it up,” he says.

Tim was referred to our Gateway Center emergency shelter, and it was there that he learned about our long-term Christian Living Program. “I said, ‘That sounds good,’ because I needed to get my life started and stop drinking,” he says.

“I came into the program and focused on renewing my faith in God and Jesus Christ. I learned a lot about the Bible. That gave me the strength to fight my addiction and keep it under control. It turned my life around.”

Tim graduated from the Christian Living Program, moved into one of the Mission’s apartments and worked with the Mission’s Clean Team at a scrap yard, gaining valuable work skills and experience.

Meanwhile, he was staying sober, attending church, and reading his Bible every day. “I was doing pretty good out there,” he says. “The work was hard, but everybody liked me.”

Then Tim’s mother passed away and, while visiting his childhood home to attend her funeral, he began drinking again. But he didn’t give up. Tim reported his relapse to his boss and the Mission staff, and returned to Gateway as well as drug and alcohol counseling.

Back in the Christian Living Program, Tim began working with the Clean Team once more and interviewing for the new job that he hopes is waiting for him.

“I had that little setback with my mother passing that threw me off track,” Tim says. Everything is going well again.”

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