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“I thank God every day!”

David knows all about overcoming obstacles and limitations. You see, he was the assistant director of a drug treatment program here in Allentown.

He spent three years in that program dealing with his own addictions and depression and then went to work for the organization that had given him a new life. But, as David describes it, “there were problems.” And soon, he was out on the streets. He looked for work but couldn’t find a job. When all his funds ran out, a friend was able to put him up for a couple of days.

That friend also suggested that David look into our programs here at the Mission. His first stop was our Gateway Center emergency shelter. “I felt hopeless and lost,” David says. “I needed to get closer to God.”

David soon joined our 8-week Christian Living Program, and found just what he was looking for. In addition to full days of classes and group sessions in Life Skills Education, students attend morning devotions, evening chapel and daily Bible study groups. They also get help with resume writing, basic computer skills, and interview techniques...tools that will help them find and keep a job.

David graduated from our Christian Living Program, moved into our transitional housing and went to work on the Clean Team while he looked for a full-time job and a place to live. “With everything I’ve been through, God’s never given up on me!” he says with a smile.

“Before, I never gave full power to God. Today, I face my struggles. I have been sober for four years, and I have my own place. I thank God for the Mission’s help and support!” 

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