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“I let the past be the past”

Tyrone had reached a point in his life where nothing mattered except “the next high or the next bottle.”

Growing up in a very strict family and church, he rebelled, becoming “the black sheep of the family.” The drinking and drug use that began in his late teens continued into his later life and brought nothing but trouble.

“I had great opportunities in life,” Tyrone says. “I got married…I had a good job…but to tell you the truth, it didn’t last long because of my selfishness. Drugs and alcohol took over my life.”

Tyrone moved from place to place, but his addictions just followed him. Without God in his life, he continued to fall, always meeting “the wrong friends” and “getting into a lot of trouble.”

“I read the Bible,” Tyrone says. “I went to church, and I knew something wasn’t right.” That something was Tyrone’s relationship with the Lord. “I really didn’t care about God and I didn’t care about my life.”

It wasn’t until the apartment that Tyrone was living in burned down that he finally came to our Gateway Center emergency shelter where he found not just a bed and a meal, but a chance for a new beginning.

Today, there’s a new Tyrone. One who reads his Bible every day and gives his troubles to the Lord. “It’s changed me a lot,” he says. “Now, I let the past be the past…I give it to the Lord and don’t worry about it no more.”

Through our Christian Living Program, Tyrone learned about money management and other lessons he’ll need when he’s living on his own again. “When I get out of here, I’m determined not to fall back into the same habits.”

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